The gift of journalism is the variety it provides.​

In my career I have had front row seats reporting on the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, FIFA World Cup, Boston Marathon and March Madness. I have also exposed controversy surrounding the death of a college football player, and reported on two of the most polarizing murder trials of the 21st century.

​It’s that diversity that’s helped hone skills which allow me to cover breaking news with detail and care, as well as to produce analysis, feature and enterprise stories with voice and depth.

I approach my craft endeavoring to explore the character and personalities of the people I cover, while discovering the back stories that make them unique. It was one of the first lessons ingrained in me when I begged my hometown newspaper’s executive editor for a clerk job at age 15. It was later reinforced as a student at Western Kentucky University and through internships which helped strengthen my passion for journalism.

Through my work you will discover a journalist who’s spent his career telling stories focused on people rather than just subjects, and off-beat topics rather than obvious angles. My awards and accolades in that time speak to my success working in fast-paced and competitive environments.

​My versatility includes being able to provide commentary on television and radio. I also possess the skill set to attract and grow a digital audience via my knowledge of SEO and social media.

​I'm a Digital Age journalist looking for the next story to tell.